Greg Kelly

Singer, songwriter Greg Kelly hosts the weekly Tunes After Noon show at Moose McGuire’s Pub in Ottawa.

Every Saturday, Tunes After Noon begins with a short set played by Greg, followed by a performance by the weeks visiting guest artist, and culminates with an open mic session.

In collaboration with Greg and Tunes After Noon, I periodically make a Bounsall guitar available for use by both Greg and anyone else performing at the show. The idea is to get a Bounsall guitar into the hands of a variety of songwriters and working musicians. For Greg and the other performers, it’s an opportunity to play a fine hand crafted guitar. For me, it provides a way to connect with and elicit feedback from actual players, and that will ultimately help me to improve my instruments.

Terry Tufts

Award winning singer, songwriter, and finger style virtuoso Terry Tufts is a popular and well respected solo artist and a member of KEWTTRiPOD, and The Algonquin Ensemble. Included in Terrys gear is a custom 7 nylon string guitar created by Bounsall Guitarworks.

Thomas Watson – Rainwater Whiskey

Thomas Watson, lead singer and frontman for hard hitting Ottawa Valley country band Rainwater Whiskey, can be seen playing a Bounsall guitar during selected performances.

Wilson Lazrus – The Fiddlaires

Wilson and younger sister Lucie are well known collectively up and down the Ottawa Valley as The Fiddlaires. Award winning fiddlers and step dancers, both youngsters are truly gifted musicians. Wilson is a multi-instrumentalist whose talents also extend to piano and guitar. The Lazrus family appreciates quality craftsmanship and Wilson surely has an ear for great sound. When it came time to find a new guitar for Wilson, they chose a beautiful Bounsall grand auditorium model in black limba and spruce.

Visit The Fiddlaires YouTube channel to see some fabulous fiddling and subscribe to enjoy future videos.

Celebrating their 1000th YouTube subscriber, here are The Fiddlaires with Lucie on fiddle and Wilson accompanying on his newly acquired Bounsall guitar.