For sale: Mahogany baritone dreadnought
Beautiful wood. Comfortable in your hands. Great tone with a deep voice that you only get from a baritone. Truly, a stunning guitar. Medullary rays, known as silking, shimmer across the Sitka spruce top. Paired with the uncommon figure and colouring of its African mahogany body, this guitar presents a striking bespoke look while delivering the classic tonal characteristics that mahogany and spruce are famous for. Bell-like clarity, strong fundamentals, a tight controlled bottom end, balance across the strings, and plenty of sustain. Simply stated, this guitar just sounds great. A side sound port on the upper bout helps direct some of that sound towards the player. The Honduran mahogany neck, which joins the body at the 13th fret, sports a roasted curly birch fretboard with long wearing Cryowire frets. The bridge is a matched piece of roasted curly birch. Both the body and fretboard are bound with curly maple. Internally, the guitar body features a pair of carbon fibre rods which form a buttress against the neck block, strengthening and stiffening the upper end to better resist the constant pull of the beefy baritone strings.

The 13th fret neck/body joint is important. Based on the guitars 27” scale length, a 13th fret joint puts the nut virtually the same distance from the body as on a normal 25.4” scale guitar with a 14th fret joint. As a result, reaching out to the first fret on this baritone does not require an unusually long or uncomfortable arm stretch. The scale length and neck joint location on this guitar pushes the bridge farther down on the body, closer to the ‘sweet spot’, which helps to maximize sound production.

If you’ve never played a baritone, you may not be familiar with the normal baritone tuning, B to b, which is 5 steps lower than the E to e tuning on a standard 6 string guitar. All of the normal cord shapes and fingering patterns work on a baritone, they’re just at a lower pitch. Think of it kind of like putting a capo on 5 steps down the neck.

  • figured African mahogany body
  • solid Sitka spruce top
  • curly maple body binding
  • African mahogany rosette ring
  • Honduran mahogany neck
  • roasted curly birch fretboard
  • curly maple fretboard binding and markers
  • roasted curly birch bridge with boxwood pins
  • bone nut and saddle
  • long wearing Cryowire frets
  • dual acting truss rod
  • carbon fibre neck block stiffener
  • side sound port on upper bout
  • 27” scale length
  • 13th fret neck/body joint
  • finished in acrylic lacquer
  • Gotoh 510 tuners
  • Elixir 80/20 baritone strings (16-70)
  • arched top hard shell case
upper bout: 12”
waist: 11 1/2”
lower bout: 16 1/8”
depth: 5”
length: 20 1/4”
scale: 27”
nut width: 1 3/4”
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