Here’s what people are saying about Bounsall guitars…

”I’m thrilled with my new Bounsall. I can only put it down long enough to take a picture. Thank you so much for building the guitar I could only dream about!” – A. LeClair, Ottawa, ON

“Beautiful sound. The resonance, and the way it digs into the bass notes. Awesome sounding guitar.” – W. Wells, Petawawa, ON

“These are truly beautiful guitars!” – Bob’s Music Plus, Pembroke, ON

“We’re honored to have our pickup system installed in this build. Really nice work!” – JJB Electronics, Bay City, MI

“Amazing tone and projection. The sustain of notes beautiful.” – M. Irvin, Ottawa, ON

“Absolutely a work of art!!” – T. Gaffney, Murphy, NC

”Wow, wow, wow! It looks stunning!” – P. Williams, Ottawa, ON

“Great independent guitar builder.” – C. Noyes, Edmonton, AB

”These beauties are fantastic. They are super comfortable to play and, with the sound port being where it is, the sound quality is enhanced. Definitely the best sounding/feeling acoustic guitar I have ever played.” – A. Blythe, London, ON

”I have played two different models of Bounsalls and loved them both. Great sound and playability. Attention to detail is everywhere.” – R. Turner, Perth, ON

”One of the most individual looking, sounding, and feeling guitars I’ve ever played in my life.” – T. Tufts, North Frontenac, ON

”Andy Bounsall makes damn fine guitars. Well worth the visit to his shop in Ottawa’s west end.” – G. Kelly, Ottawa, ON

“This is truly one of the prettiest guitars I believe I have ever seen.” – T. Gaffney, Murphy, NC

”Wow. Love the sound. Both warm and bright.” – D. Syncox, Upsala, ON