Here’s what people are saying about Bounsall guitars…

“Andy is top notch luthier. He puts a lot of thought and pride into his creations. He is very knowledgable in his craft and is a master at milking every bit of tone he can out of the woods he uses. The results speak for themselves in his wonderful works of art.” – Chris St M., Ottawa, ON

“My guitar came today at dinner time. The best way I can express our feelings on seeing and hearing it is to order another. I am so impressed by the craftsmanship of your guitar. Thanks again.” – Raymond F., White Rock, BC

“From the very first discussion about the plans and requirements for the guitar, it was clear that Andy cared deeply about delivering a finely crafted instrument that exceeded expectations. His guidance, recommendations and collaboration on my vision throughout the build helped lead us toward a beautiful guitar that will be cherished for decades to come. This is, arguably, one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever seen. Moreso, thanks to his master level craftsmanship and his approach of letting the wood speak for itself, Andy has managed to create a guitar that literally sounds as stunning as it looks. Thank you Andy.” – G. Beresnikow, Arnprior, ON

“An absolute beauty to play, Andy. Truly outstanding!” – Stewart C., Spencerville, ON

“If you are reading this review then I would imagine you are considering a custom built guitar. I would not hesitate a moment in trusting Andy to make your dream a reality. Andy is easy to work with. He has the experience to understand exactly what ‘sound’ you want and the knowledge to translate this elusive sound into a finished instrument. My recently completed semi hollow body electric sounds fantastic and puts a big smile on my face ever time I play it. Thanks Andy.” – Daniel D., Quebec City, QU

“A spectacular instrument by a great luthier! Absolutely beautiful, and it’s the only one (like it) on earth.” – Amory L., Ottawa, ON

“Andy is a true craftsman and perfectionist. His continuing interaction with me as he constructed the guitar was greatly appreciated. Also appreciated was the posting of numerous photos allowing one to witness the progress of that construction. I’m certain that I will thoroughly enjoy playing the guitar for many years to come.” – M. Redmond, Ottawa, ON

“Hey Andy! I just bought one of your wonderful guitars and I have to thank you personally for making such a beautiful instrument! I’ve been playing for almost 20 years and I have yet to come across an acoustic as unique and stunning as this one! And the SOUND! Omg what a little gem!” – Justin G., Pembroke, ON

“Having a custom guitar crafted by Andy was a unique and enjoyable experience. He was more than generous with his time and expertise when discussing both the initial design and progress of my build. At a great price for the quality, I was able to get a one-of-a-kind, fully custom instrument that already had a story by the time I picked it up. Above all, it sounds phenomenal.” – Eric F., Ottawa, ON

“I like that you are building unique looking instruments. A nice change from all the Martin & Gibson inspired builds we see.” – R. Essegern, Port Dover, ON

”I’m thrilled with my new Bounsall. I can only put it down long enough to take a picture. Thank you so much for building the guitar I could only dream about!” – A. LeClair, Ottawa, ON

“Beautiful sound. The resonance, and the way it digs into the bass notes. Awesome sounding guitar.” – W. Wells, Petawawa, ON

“These are truly beautiful guitars!” – Bob’s Music Plus, Pembroke, ON

“We’re honored to have our pickup system installed in this build. Really nice work!” – JJB Electronics, Bay City, MI

“Amazing tone and projection. The sustain of notes beautiful.” – M. Irvin, Ottawa, ON

“Absolutely a work of art!!” – T. Gaffney, Murphy, NC

”Wow, wow, wow! It looks stunning!” – P. Williams, Ottawa, ON

“Great independent guitar builder.” – C. Noyes, Edmonton, AB

”These beauties are fantastic. They are super comfortable to play and, with the sound port being where it is, the sound quality is enhanced. Definitely the best sounding/feeling acoustic guitar I have ever played.” – A. Blythe, London, ON

”I have played two different models of Bounsalls and loved them both. Great sound and playability. Attention to detail is everywhere.” – R. Turner, Perth, ON

”One of the most individual looking, sounding, and feeling guitars I’ve ever played in my life.” – T. Tufts, North Frontenac, ON

”Andy Bounsall makes damn fine guitars. Well worth the visit to his shop in Ottawa’s west end.” – G. Kelly, Ottawa, ON

“This is truly one of the prettiest guitars I believe I have ever seen.” – T. Gaffney, Murphy, NC

”Wow. Love the sound. Both warm and bright.” – D. Syncox, Upsala, ON